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Asian Cam Girls at UCam!

You know you want to be talking dirty with sexy Asian girls who are ready to get naked whenever you want! The best part about cams is that you get to control the action. You’re into boobs, tell the girl you want her to play with them! Into butts? Get her to bend over for that perfect view!! Over at uCam XXX they got the absolute best Asian Sex Cams with the naughtiest Asian cam girls who are waiting for you to check them out! What are you waiting for? Girls are live 24/7!!

Why you should start using Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls have been around from a long time, but still there are people, who feel ashamed while contacting us for any query about them. But the reality is silicon sex dolls are very poplar… READ ON

New Japanese Sex Dolls with Ultra Realistic Skin!

A Japanese sex doll company claims to have come out with a new type of “skin” which they say is ultra realistic! Judging from the video and the photos they aren’t kidding. VIEW VIDEO + IMAGES

Pearl Diving Girls

Very cool photos of topless pearl diving girls from Sugashima, Japan! Not sure when they were taken but they definitely look vintage. Probably one of the most dangerous jobs in the world! VIEW IMAGES

Naughty Newscaster GIF

Naughty newscaster
This is a funny animated GIF of an asian newscaster who looks like she is simulating something very naughty. It’s probably not that at all but it makes for a funny GIF!

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The Magic of Make-Up

The magic of make-up
Watch out fellas.. make-up can be very deceiving! Check how this asian girl goes from being meh to a real cutie by applying some stuff to her face.

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The Pew Pew Girl

The pew pew girl
This is a funny and sexy GIF of Jihye Yuk who will now forever be known as the pew pew girl at some sort of a convention.

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Penis Festival in Japan

Penis festival
This site usually covers vagina rather than penis but I am going to make an exception for the annual penis festival at the small Japanese town of Kawasaki. Lots of penis all over that place.. and you’ve got to wonder if there is a lot of dick sucking going on during the festival. That would be a good reason to go for a visit.

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Asian Girls with Enormous Boobs

Huge tits on asian chicks
I remember seeing this a long time ago and if I remember right someone claimed to have found a tribe or something where the girls had enormous natural boobs which turned out to be fake of course. The girls are still fun to look at though.

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The Japanese Guide to Pleasuring a Man

Japanese pleasure guide
If you’re a Japanese woman and if you’re feeling doubts on how to pleasure your man then you can turn to this guide on how to handle a penis. You got to wonder why the cartoon in the pics is so “cute” looking though..

Click to view the guide (external link)

Asian Girls gets a Dick Cake

Asian girl with a dick cake
Hah, funny pictures of an Asian hottie getting a big dick cake for her birthday or maybe a bachelorette party? Either way, if its big dick she wanted.. I could’ve provided it!

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Updates will resume next week on this site. What do you guys want to see more of on this site? Is it a good mix or should it be more babes, more celebs, more porn?

The 9 Hottest Vietnamese Women

The hottest Vietnamese women
Complex listed the 9 hottest Vietnamese women and when you see the list you will find that it’s hard to argue with. My personal favourite is Maggie Q and Mai Phuong Thuy.

Click for the list (via Complex)

9 Reasons the Japanese Rock

9 reason the Japanese rock
There are a lot of reasons why the Japanese rock, here are 9 of them! I think the Gravure factory is my #1.

Click for the list (via Dirty Rotten Whore)

Who’s the Hottest of Korea’s Wonder Girls?

Im not really familiar with the Korean pop group The Wonder Girls as you can see at this link they are real hot! So, yeah. Complex is trying to figure out who the hottest member of the group is and my favourite is Sun-Ye but I like Yoo-Bin as well.

Why the Japanese are the Coolest

If you have a kinky fantasy I bet there is a fetish club in Japan that will be able to fulfill it. This is a list of a couple of diffrent fetish clubs that you can visit. I think my favourite would the Mile-High one.


Just a note that updates will resume again next week

The Used Schoolgirl Panties Market In Japan

I think we’ve all heard of vending machines in Japan where you can buy used panties. Apparantly used schoolgirl panties are so popular, that even stores illegally sell them! Here are two investigating videos of the underground Japanese panties market.

Exposed Japanese Butts

I got a small collection for you guys today of Japanese babes having their butts exposed in public. Im not sure why this has become a phenomenon in Japan but I like it! Go check it out.

Japanese Bathing Suits

Who knew that babes in Japan wore such revealing bathing suits when they go to beach? Forget about the caribbean, Im heading east next time I need a vacation! They should make these bathing suits standard clothing for women all over the world.