Bai Ling

Bai Ling as the Joker!

These are from a few months ago during Halloween but even though I’m late I think these pics of Bai Ling as the Joker are cool enough to post anyway! The heart pasties are a nice touch. VIEW IMAGES

Bai Ling in a Pink Scarf and Little Else!

Pics of Bai Ling wearing California winter wear.. which means a scars and nothing else! Can see some of her nips through the scarf too. VIEW IMAGES

Bai Ling’s Superman Strip!

Here’s another costume from Bai Ling’s recent Halloween shoots and this is a good one! First off because Superman is awesome and second because she takes off the costume!! VIEW IMAGES

Bai Ling goes Sci Fi for Halloween!

Bai Ling did two Sci Fi inspired photo shoots in LA to celebrate Halloween! In the first she is Leeloo from Fifth Element and in the second she is a Starfleet Crew Member from Star Trek! VIEW IMAGES

Bai Ling Sideboob at The Key Premiere!

Lots of Bai Ling lately. Here she is at the premiere of The Key and wearing a very revealing outfit. No nip slips this time but plenty of sideboob! VIEW IMAGES

Bai Ling Nip Slip at The Crow 20th Anniversary!

Bai Ling wore a super sexy outfit to the 20th Anniversary Midnight Screening of The Crow, and she even slipped half-a-nipple! VIEW IMAGES

Bai Ling in Revealing Costume at Comikaze!

So.. Bai Ling wore this very revealing outfit at Comikaze in LA and I think I’ll just let the pics speak for themselves. Let’s just say that I’m pretty sure she keeps it Brazilian down there. VIEW IMAGES

Bai Ling See Through at Kick-Ass 2 Event

Bai Ling wore a see through tutu thingy to a Kick-Ass 2 event and even though we don’t really see her nipples we get a pretty sweet view of her tits. VIEW IMAGES

Bai Ling in a Thong

I don’t know why but, here’s Bai Ling posing in a thong and bustier, in a store in Los Angeles! I guess she is just being Bai Ling? VIEW IMAGES

Bai Ling Flashes Butt Crack in a Swimsuit

Here is Bai Ling wearing a sexy swimsuit while going for a dip in a Hollywood hot tub! She is showing a bit of butt crack while getting out of the tub too. I don’t know what it is but I find her strangely attractive still. VIEW IMAGES

Bai Ling Topless in Love Ranch

Bai Ling topless
Bai Ling get topless in a new movie called Love Ranch! Here are the screenshots and I apologize for the man butt.

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Bai Ling Nip Slip and Pokies

Bai Ling nipple slip
Here’s Bai Ling doing some shopping in Beverly Hills without wearing a bra. How do I know that, you ask? Well, the pokies hint at it but the peek inside her tank top confirms it! I love these sneaky nip slips!

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Bai Ling Nipple Slip

Bai Ling nipple slip
A new Bai Ling nipple slip!!! SHOCKER!!! – NOT!!! Still, its always nice to see her big nipples even though it doesn’t look as big in these shots. The slip happened outside BOA Steakhouse the other day.

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Bai Ling in a Swimsuit

Bai Ling in a swimsuit
Pretty hot photo shoot of Bai Ling rockin’ out in a blue swimsuit. As weird as she is there is just something about her that I like!

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The Definitive Bai Ling Candid Shot Collection

Bai Ling candids collection
They call this the definitive Bai Ling candid shot collection and considering the sheer amount of photos.. who am I to argue with that?

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Bai Ling Nip Slip in Germany

Bai Ling nip slip
Here is Bai Ling at an event called the Movie Meets Media which took place in Hamburg, Germany. A more appropriate title would be Bai Ling’s nipple meets the media because with that weird ballerina outfit a nip slip was inevitable!

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Bai Ling’s Halloween Costume

Bai Ling on Halloween
Some pics of Bai Ling all dressed up for Halloween. I’m not sure what she is supposed to look like, Bai Ling maybe? Well, she is showing some skin at least.

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Bai Ling See Through and Topless

Bai Ling posing topless
These are some fairly new pics of Bai Ling posing in pink robe which doesn’t do much of hiding her nipples, and one shot of her completely topless. To my knowledge these haven’t been published in any magazine, so not sure where they are from.

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Bai Ling Cleavage

It’s been a while since Bai Ling looked this good! Im used to seeing her breasts exposed but I cant deny that her cleavage looks real tasty. Go check out the gallery.

Bai Ling Looking Hot

Bai Ling is so strange looking she is hot. Here she is at the Avakian Beverly Hills Boutique celebration earlier this month. She looks better than usual! Pics broken? send me an e-mail Nude celebs archive: Banned Celebs