Just Because

Buy Asa Akira Socks!

Pornhub has launched an exclusive sock line featuring portraits of adult stars Asa Akira!

Bangkok Airport Security!

Video of the sexy security at Bangkok airport. I think I need to be frisked!

A Spicy Meatball with Lauren Lala!

This video of Lauren Lala wearing lingerie while eating spaghetti and meatballs is kinda weird but oh boy is she hot! VIEW VIDEO

Topless Protester Annie Ma Interrupts Bernie Sanders Rally!

Annie Ma has become sorta famous for her topless protesting! She’s mostly done stuff for FreeTheNipple but this time she interrupted a Bernie Sanders rally to protest Trump! VIEW VIDEO (VIA SINN & SKINN)

Breasts Power Generation!

Video of a bunch of Japanese scientists testing to see which sized boobs are the best at generating power! VIEW VIDEO (VIA BOOBIE BLOG)

Kiara Lee Made a Song About Her Big Asian Ass!

Kiara Lee calls herself the South Korean Kim Kardashian and she backs up that statement with her brand new music video called Who Said Asians Don’t Have Ass? VIEW VIDEO

100 Years of Chinese Beauty!

Cool video depicting how the beauty standards of China has changed over the past century! No matter what decade you prefer I think we can all agree that the model, Leah Li looks good all the time. VIEW VIDEO

Meet the Taiwanese McDonald’s Goddess!

Meet Wei Han Xu, the McDonald’s waitress who are so cute that Taiwanese men has named her the McDonald’s Goddess VIEW VIDEO

Sunshine Shen Bloopers in Body Paint!

I know the World Cup in Soccer was a long time ago, but that’s not stopping me from posting this World Cup bloopers video of Sunshine Shen wearing body paint! VIEW VIDEO

Porn Stars Raise Awareness with Boobs!

Twelve Japanese porn stars lined up in a row and let guys touch their boobs for charity! Why can’t they do that over here? VIEW VIDEO (EXTERNAL LINK)

Japanese Sex Doll is a Drink Dispenser!

Japan has come out with a sex doll which dispenses drinks from her boobs when you fondle them! It’s a bit weird, but I think we could all get used to this pretty quickly. VIEW VIDEO (EXTERNAL LINK)

Japanese Porn for Women Documentary!

Interesting documentary by Vice on Japanese porn for WOMEN. What women gets turned on by is obviously different from men and in Japan the industry has figured out how to cater to them. They have invented a new genre in which women gets to have a pseudo-romance experience with sensitive male pornstars named Eromen. VIEW VIDEO

Japanese Girl Reviews a C-String Bikini

A C-string bikini is really just a bikini bottom without strings which doesn’t leave much to the imagination! Think of a regular bikini and remove the strings tying the front and bottom together and you got a C-String. Anyway, here’s a hot Japanese girl reviewing it on YouTube. VIEW VIDEO

Naked News Interviews Asa Akira!

Nice video interview with super sexy porn star Asa Akira by Naked News! Interesting to see the interviewer naked and not the porn star. VIEW VIDEO

SOD – Let’s Get Fight (Nude Music Video)!

Japanese girl band SOD has released a NUDE video for their song Let’s Get Fight and that certainly got my attention. Why did Spice Girls never do this? VIEW VIDEO

Classical Twerking!

Sexy video of Asian girls twerking and moving their asses to classical music! Strange mashup but it works. VIEW VIDEO

Bikini Girl Tasered for Charity

Video of a hot Asian girl getting tasered in a bikini for charity! I don’t know if this turns me on or if I’m disturbed. She’s amazing either way. VIEW VIDEO

Shin Soo-ji Throwing the First Pitch

Clip of South Korean rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo-ji throwing the first pitch at a Baseball game in a very original and sexy way! Sex with her must be amazing. VIEW VIDEO

Topless Duck Hunt

Hot video of Asian babe Eva getting topless while playing Duck Hunt! So hot! VIEW VIDEO

Rescue a Wet iPhone with Midori West

Cute Asian girl Midori West shows you how to dry out and rescue a wet iPhone in this video! Its worth watching this just to see Midori in a tiny bikini. VIEW VIDEO