Hiromi Oshima

Hiromi Oshima is Tokyo Heat!

Very cool pictorial of Japanese Playboy babe Hiromi Oshima looking traditional and sexy!

Hiromi Oshima Nude for Playboy Video

Hiromi Oshima Video
I didn’t know this but apparently Hiromi Oshima was the very first Playboy Playmate from Japan! I can see how she could get the ol’ stiffs at that magazine to turn east though, she is gorgeous! Check out this very hot video of Hiromi posing nude for Playboy.

Click for the video

Playboy Babe Hiromi Oshima Returns

Yum, is she hot or what? I think I like this gallery better than the last one I posted. The background and all the props arent as cool but she just looks hotter for some reason. Go look!

Playboy Babe – Hiromi Oshima

Hiromi Oshima is a very sexy lady from Tokyo, Japan. According to her website she loves to travel and she always had a dream to pose nude for Playboy. Luckily Playboy was happy to make that dream come true, otherwise we wouldnt have gotten these hot pics! Even if you for some strange reason dont like Hiromi Oshima you should still check it out for the cool set.